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It feels great pleasure to present in front of you, the activities and success stories of Study Abroad Cell (SAC) in the academic year 2015-16. Compared to last year there was a considerable growth in the interest and efforts of the students in the current year to pursue Master’s Degree from abroad universities.

The academic year started with sensitising the second year students of all the departments. Prof. Shriniwas S. Metan conducted a session on “The Opportunities and Advantages of Higher Studies in Abroad Universities.” for two hours in all the departments. After this session one more session on “Job Opportunities after MS” for all interested students and already enrolled students from SAC was conducted.

To create the awareness and update the current trends in Master’s program, following sessions were conducted by the successful SAC students.



Student Expert


No of students participated.


Mr.Kiran Patil

MS after or before the Industrial Experience



DSC05373   DSC05382



Mr.Pankaj Ande

MS Success Path



Mr. Rahul Bhandari

How to get funding for M.S abroad



DSC05687  DSC05696



Mr.Dhananjay Barbade

Trends of MS and Job opportunities after MS



DSC00999  DSC01004



As we know for studying abroad and adapting to its conditions, language poses a vital role as means of communication. Knowing a foreign language is competent enough for sustaining abroad & for upgrading the resume. Considering this two months course on "Introduction to German language" was conducted by Prof. S.S. Metan to the SAC members. Total 10 students successfully completed the course.

There are various kinds of alumnus procedures for selecting a student for pursuing MS by the foreign universities, for which the resume must be sound, impressive and cover all the areas regarding the subject opted by the student for masters. International journal paper publication & international conference paper presentation play a vital role to raise the level of the resume as well as the scholar, accelerating his chances for masters. Keeping this in mind a session on "How to write Research paper" was conducted by Prof. S.S. Metan. Till date eight students have applied their paper in an international journal.

A session on “How to minimise the MS expenses before leaving abroad” was conducted on 26th January 2016 by Prof.Shriniwas S Metan. The concept of earn and learn scheme, getting TA and RA, qualifying GATE, doing different co-curricular courses etc. were discussed in the session. Total 20 students were present for the session.

In the present academic year, total eight students have qualified this year for GRE, TOEFL and IELTS examinations.

Sr.No. Name of the student

01 Mr.Kiran Patil 318 110
02 Mr.Shubham Goski 302 -
03 Miss Snehal KalambPatil 308 100
04 Mr.Akshay Metha 308 97
05 Mr.Pankaj Ande - 6.5
06 Mr.Ashwin Kamtam - 7
07 Miss Aishwarya Karwa 297 -
08 Mr.Vikas Birajdar 310 97


To have a pace with the current trends and happening about the foreign university, total eight students visited “LINDEN TOUR” a US university fair at Mumbai on 12th September 2015. Thirty two US universities were present for this fair. Miss Snehal Kalam Patil took initiative for arranging this visit. Before the visit a session about “Guidelines for LINDEN tour” was conducted by Prof. S. S. Metan on 10th September 2015. Total 17 students were present.

Mrs Laxmi Kumar, Director PNESP addressed the students about the current scenario of the education in Sweden and European universities. She also stressed on improving the Resume by adding hands on experience such as industrial training, internships, mini projects and sponsored projects during their four year graduation course.

In year 2015-16 four students got admissions for MS in different universities in USA, Gemany, Sweden and UK.


Name of the student


MS Course

01 Mr.Kiran Patil Kettening University, (USA). Automobile Engineering
02 Mr. Rahul Bhandari Erasmus Mundus scholarship, Wurzburg University, Loyla University, (Germany, Sweden, France, USA.) Space Masters Science
03 Mr.Pankaj Ande Shaffordshire University, (UK). Automotive Engineering
04 Mr.Swapnil Waykole De Montfort Unversity , Leicester, (UK). Mechanical Engineering


30 students have enrolled in Study Abroad Cell in the current academic year. We are extending our vision, goal as well as efforts to make this cell more effective to perform successfully than the previous year. Miss Aishwarya Karwa, Mr. Akshay Hiremath, Mr.Gundu & Mr. Shubham Goski worked as a student co-ordinators for SAC for this year. They had taken countless efforts in organising and successfully conducting the SAC sessions. Mr. Samadhan Patil, Mr. Ram Bhosale and Mr. Hariba Pangale also worked hard for making the sessions happen for the students. Miss Snehal Kalam Patil has worked as a faculty coordinator to motivate and educate the students about GRE, TOEFL and IELTS examinations.

The success of the SAC is due to the support of our Hon. Principal Dr. J. B. Dafedar, all the role holders and faculty members, who directly and sometimes indirectly helped in conducting the sessions. Thanks to management also for giving us an opportunity to start the unique cell Study Abroad Cell (SAC) and give our contributions for the career advancement of the students.