Ph.D. Pursuing Faculty Members

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Dept. Designation Education/ Qualification Research Topic
1 Mr.  More S.B. Civil Asso.Prof B.E, M.E, Ph.D.(Pur) Assessment of Hydraulic Conductivity by using Guelph Permeameter and its Modelling using SVM.
2 Mr.  Shirwal  V. S. E&TC Asso. Prof B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D (Pur) Efficient Implementation of MIMO decoder on FPGA for high speed wireless
3 Ms.  Bahirgonde  P.D. E&TC Asso. Prof B.E, M.E., Ph.D (Pur) High throughput Optimized Turbo Decoder Architecture
4 Mr. Dhotre S.S. E&TC Asso. Prof B.E.,M.Tech., Ph.D (Pur) Methods to improve performance of grid tied microinverters for photovoltic energy generation
5 Mr.Nade J. B. E&TC Asso. Prof B.E.,M.Tech., Ph.D (Pur) Design of Low power Embedded system for Biomedical Application
6 Mr.  Patil   N. R. Mech. Asso.Prof B.E , M.E., Ph.D.(Pur) Polymer Composition
7 Mr. Magar A.B. Mech. Asst.Prof B.E , M.Tech., Ph.D.(Pur) Stress Analysis
8 Mr.  Kashid  A. S. Mech. Asso.Prof B.E, M.E., Ph.D.(Pur) Stress Analysis in composite laminates containing multiple holes subjected to different inplane loading.
9 Mr.Kale S.S. Mech. Asst.Prof B.E , M.E., Ph.D.(Pur) Thermal Engg.Area.
10 Ms. Ubale P.A. General Engg. Asst.Prof.(Chem.) B.SC.,M.SC,Ph.D. (Pur) Studies on some Quinazoline derivatives & their interaction
 with transition metal Ions
11 Ms. Shaikh  M. S. General Engg. Asst.Prof in CS. B.A, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D.(Pur) Nostalgia: A Theoretical Perspective in the novels of Jane Urquhart.
12 Ms. Sadalapurkar A.V. General Engg. Asst.Prof. (Chem) B.SC.M.SC., Ph.D(pur) Extractive Spectrophotometric determination of selective mental ions by using Benzaldehyde Thiocarbohydrazone.
13 Prof. S.U. Chavan General Engg. Asst.Prof B.A.,M.A., Ph.D.(Pur) An Exploration of Feminist Perspectives in the writings of Chimamanda Ngozi Adicties novels & Short stories.
14 Prof. M. B. Patil CSE Asst.Prof M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D.(Pur) An Efficient Network controlled handover mechanism for heterogenous wireless network