The department of electrical Engineering, NKOCET, Solapur had arranged an industrial visit to thermal power plant at Parali on 05/10/2017 & 6/10/2017. About 58 students from SE electrical & 5 faculties were visited to TPS, Parali.

The visit was arranged in 2 days as fallows.

On 05/10/2017, 34 students & 2 staff members (total- 36) & on 06/10/2017, 27 student & 3 staff members (total- 30) were attended the visit.

Learning objectives:

1. To understand different types of conventional energy sources & comparisons between them.  
2. To study basic layout of thermal power plant & it’s working.
3. To study different parts of thermal power plant & their functioning.
4. To correlate the theoretical approach with practical aspects.
5. To understand techno-economic aspects of plant to optimize the system.

Outcome of Visit:
1. Students have got basic knowledge of TPS.
2. Students are understood different parts of thermal power plant & able to get working of it.
3. Industrial visit helps in bridging the gap between industry & institute.


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